Westwood Park FC (Blue) U10’s 2, St Marys Harefield Lions 2

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Away Match: 16th October 2010.

Referee: St Mary’s Coach

WPFC Squad: Oliver Anderson (Substitute 1st Half), Harry Bradshaw, Jonny Grint (GK 1st Half), Matthew Jones, Mahdi Karim (Substitute 2nd Half), Samuel Naughton, Daniel Restall, James Tunney (GK 2nd Half).

Match Result: Westwood Park 2 – St Mary’s Harefield Lions 2

Scorers: HarryBradshaw, James Tunney

Westwood Park Blue took on new opponents St Mary’s Harefield Lions in their fourth game of the season. This encounter was an eye opener with passions running high both on and off the pitch, play acting and strong arm tactics from the opposition and the referee having to call both sides together in the second half in an attempt to calm things down. I thought this was Junior League football!

Westwood opened on a very positive note and scored immediately from the kick off, Daniel and James combining well with James slotting the ball past the Lion’s Goalkeeper. Roy Hogdson would have enjoyed that one! With the Lion’s deploying a long ball tactic – Hornet supporters eat your hearts out – they countered well and before Westwood could settle, equalised almost immediately. A frenetic pace from both sides took hold. For a while the Lion’s appeared to be on top with their aerial bombardment, but slowly but surely Westwood began to get into their stride. Samuel and Mahdi in defence began to find their feet and good distribution from them enabled Matthew and Daniel in midfield to set Harry and James up with some good chances that were not converted in spite of their best efforts.

As a fractious half began to come to a close more drama ensued. The Lion’s sent another long ball up the middle which the Westwood defence failed to deal with resulting in a second goal to the hosts. There however, was still time left on the clock and with Harry running strongly at the opposition, Matthew, Daniel and James producing some good passing combinations in midfield the equaliser was not long in coming, albeit following a bit of a goal mouth scramble which saw Harry toe poke the ball home in the melee.

Half time enabled all to take a deep breath. Hopefully a more sedate half was going to evolve. Wrong again, the football continued at a frantic pace. Westwood opened much the stronger side with Harry and Jonny carving the opposition’s defence up and Daniel and Matthew dominating midfield. Some how the Lion’s stood their ground and Westwood just could not find the net. As the Westwood pressure continued to build the Lion’s frustrations began to surface with verbal’s directed both at our boys and the referee.

This resulted in the referee calling both sides together and a stern lecture given. This thankfully appeared to take some of the “fizz” out of the encounter. Westwood continued to press for the winner, the Lion’s also conjured some opportunities that were dealt well through some strong tackling from Oliver and Samuel and one outstanding save from James which saw the Lion’s centre forward clean through and in a one on one situation. Harry and Jonny continued to present the Lion’s with a number of challenges but could not quite finish them off. With the last play of the game Jonny broke though – was it to be – but his well drilled shot somehow just passed the left post with the Lion’s goalkeeper well beaten. The final whistle came, much to the relief of all those involved in this encounter. A fair result – not sure on the evidence, Westwood were unlucky but in the spirit of the game – probably.

Another point to the good, and importantly the boys standing tall and not being bullied by the opposition. They played with a smile on their faces in spite of the provocation – “sticks and stones”. The return encounter will be Interesting. Well done the Blue’s.

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