Cup match v Marlow United, Sunday 11th December 2011

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We went to Marlow for our second round cup match looking forward to another close encounter with Marlow United. We had a squad of 15, as Guy had to pull out at the last minute through illness, meaning that we had to share a sub between the two teams.

Pitch 1
Squad: Luke S, Alex W, Kian, Aakash, Joe, Sam, Milan, Gabriel

Match 1 – 4-0; Sam, Luke S (3)
We set up with 2 defenders (Joe and Kian) , a defensive midfielder (Gabriel), Luke S and Aakash in midfield and Sam as striker with Kian and Joe told to stay back goal side of their players at all times. Gabriel was asked to tackle and run until he dropped, while Luke and Aakash were instructed to defend as well as get forward in support of Sam at every opportunity. The boys did everything that was asked of them and lead at half time with a goal from Sam, after fine play from Luke and Gabriel. In the second half, Milan came on to continue the excellent work of Gabriel, who took a well earned breather, and we swiftly moved into a 4-0 lead with a hat trick of fine left foot finishes from Luke. Alex W had little to do in goal but showed what a fine goalkeeper he is by keeping his concentration and doing the simple things effectively, particularly his distribution from open play and goal kicks.

Match 2 – 5-1; Luke (3), Gabriel, Alex W
This game was the opposite of the first in that we raced into a 3-0 lead by midway through the first half. Luke scored the first, hitting the top corner from distance, Gabriel was rewarded for an excellent dynamic performance with the second goal before Alex scored the third (and with better luck in front of goal might have had a hat trick). In between the goals, Marlow threatened with several attacks and it took a great diving save and catch from Kian to maintain our lead before Marlow scored with an excellent left foot strike across Kian into the bottom right hand corner of the goal. Luke scored his second and our fourth before half time. The second half was a closer affair but Luke’s third goal of the match, completing his second hat trick of the day, early in the half secured the win but not before Marlow threatened Aakash’s goal several times.

Over the two matches, we thoroughly deserved our wins but could never relax against the two Marlow teams who played good passing football and produced several fantastic set piece crosses that with a little more luck could have resulted in goals. All 8 of our players had reason to be very proud of their performance. Alex W kept a clean sheet in the first game, scored a goal in the second game and regularly took up very intelligent attacking positions while not always being rewarded with the final pass he deserved. Kian is proving to be a fine defender, with a good positional sense and determined tackling. Joe and Milan did all that was asked of them with strong tackles and always listening to the coaches’ advice from the sidelines. Gabriel proved what I have believed all season; that he is a natural defensive midfielder, with the energy to fulfil his defensive duties as well as get forward and support our attacks, and he proved this with his goal as well as many tackles and interceptions. Aakash worked hard on the right wing and defended well when required while Sam played the role of striker, holding the ball up for our midfielders to join him at times and also running at their defenders. He scored one and could have had 2 or 3 more with a bit more luck; it’s easy to forget that he lost most of last season to a broken arm and is still slowly coming back to his best form. Luke scored six of our nine goals, showing what a good finisher he can be, even off his weaker left foot.

Ian, Nick & Martin

Pitch 2

Team: Charles, Aaron, Rishi, Luke B, Joss, Akshay & Robert W

First game 2-3 Rishi, Charles

First Half
I was in a confident mood this morning as although Marlow United have a good team I thought we were going to make it through to the next round. Aaron was in goal for this game showing what an all round player he is. In defence was Robert W in the centre with Akshay and Rishi as right and left back. Charles and Luke B were in midfield and Joss up front.

It wasn’t long before Marlow took the lead when our defence were caught up field. There was some great passes made by Charles and Joss and it wasn’t long before we equalised with a great strike from Charles. The game was end to end with Aaron making some great saves.

Second Half
I tinkered with the team a little to see if we could push on and win the game. Unfortunately Marlow took the lead again (great tinkering Paul). But then came a thunder strike from Rishi which put us back level. Akshay, Robert and Joss worked well together. Luke B worked hard on the right wing providing some nice crosses. Again we were caught short at the back as Marlow’s striker was clean through, but out of nowhere Rishi made a great tackle but caught the player as well as the ball. This resulted in a free kick just outside the area which was slotted home hard and low into the bottom corner of our goal.

Second game 0-1
Match 2

First Half
Rishi started off in goal for this game with Joss Robert and Akshay at the back. Aaron was up front with Charles and Luke B supporting him from midfield. We started off the game seeing most of the ball playing really well, keeping our positions and making some nice passes especially between Luke B and Charles. Rishi made a grate save when there striker hit one from just outside the box. We were unlucky to concede just before the break.

Second Half
Robert went in goal as he was injured and we had no subs. I put Akshay up front, Aaron in midfield and Luke B back in defence. This proved to be a great tactical decision (if I do say myself) as if it was not for a man of the match display by the Marlow goalkeeper we could have won by several goals. Akshay was outstanding up front and deserved a couple of goals. Robert made some good saves despite his injury and Aaron taking on several Marlow players for fun. Unfortunately we were to fall short again in this game which was a shame as the whole team worked so hard.

I think we deserved more from the games, however, we do need to keep our defence tight as this I think this was the difference today.


Paul & Wayne

So we move into the last 8 of the cup on goals scored, 11-5, after a good match result and performance. Well done everyone.

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