Loudwater Tournament – 23rd June 2012

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Squad: Alex, Aakash, Akshay, Archie, Charles, Kian, Milan & Sachin

After so much rain the night before our pitch was waterlogged so we were moved to the lower pitch which was nearly twice the size of the other pitches. I agreed to play 7 a side even though this left me with no subs. Adam practiced with the boys on corner routines trying to get them to shoot with a header (what great training routine this would prove to be).

Group Games

Marlow United – Won 1-0 Scorer Sachin
Our first game up was against a good Marlow team. We had played them several times before in league and cup games and it has always been tight. This was no different with most of the game played in the middle of the park. Kian started off in goal in this game and was full of confidence. He commanded his area well and released the ball quickly when needed. He was protected by Milan, Akshay and Archie who all worked and communicated well with each other. Charles and Aakash worked hard down the wings like Lennon and Bale but also had the midfield toughness of Parker and artistry of Modric. That leaves me Sachin who was our brave heart up front (this boy shows no fear). Late in the game with only a few chances for each side Sachin muscled his way past a couple of Marlow players and drove a shot from the edge of the area in to the roof of the net.

Bourne End A – Drew 0-0
This I think was the better of the Bourne End teams who like us played some really nice free flowing football. Both teams kept their positions well which meant there weren’t many shots on goal. Having said that Archie did have a couple of chances up front and was really unlucky not to score. Aakash played in goal with Sachin, Akshay and Charles in front of him. Milan and Kian were our midfield dynamos.

Ruislip Rangers B – Won 2-0 Scorer Aakash & Charles
Having no established goalkeeper with us today we used our third stand in goalie Archie. I must say that we may not have the biggest bunch of reserve goalkeepers but we certainly have some of the toughest! Milan as usual was fantastic in defence not letting a player get past him, with Sachin and Kian supporting him and pushing up when we were attacking. Sachin found the ball just outside the area and rifled a shot at goal only for the goalkeeper to parry it away, right in front of Charles who was running in for the follow up. Charles tapped it in and we took a well deserved lead. Towards the end of the game Aakash curled a shot into the bottom right of the goal to secure victory. Another clean sheet!

Ruislip Rangers A – Lost 0-1

Next up was the better of the Ruislip teams. They played some very good passing football so it wasn’t long before we knew we were in for a tough match. It was end to end stuff and some really good exciting football played by both sides. Sachin played up front and in a tussle for the ball twisted his knee so had to come off. This left us with only six players so playing with seven damaged us (lessons learnt there Davies). The Ruislip coaches took one of their players off to make the game even again. The game looked like it might end in a draw until an excellent goal was scored by Ruislip curled into the top corner from outside of the area. Kian stood no chance in goal. That was the only difference between the sides in that game. The boys were down as we did not deserve to lose or concede a goal. This was how focused they were as a team on winning this tournament! After we had our end of game team talk all the boys said let’s win this for Sachin. I could not believe that 8 & 9 year old boys would have such camaraderie! Why not I hear you ask; we are Westwood Park and that’s what we are all about!

Bourne End B – Won 3-0 Scorer Milan, Akash & Akshay
Now that Sachin was injured we were down to six players, which normally would have been ok had we been playing on a six a side pitch. I asked Adam to see if we could use one of our colts players to help out. Alex Walker stepped up to the task and took his place in goal. Archie, Charles and Kian played in defence, Aakash and Akshay in Midfield and Milan up front. After several games in defence I gave Milan a go up front as a wanted a go at it. Fine, I said but don’t let me down! I didn’t have to wait long until before a fine move between Aakash and Akshay set Milan up to slot one home. This was soon followed by a goal from Aakash. The goalie and defence did not have much to do as we completely controlled this game. Akshay got bundled over and was winded. I got him up, told him to take a couple of deep breaths and carry on; he went straight up the field and belted one into the top left hand corner of the goal (don’t mess with the Akshay). Another clean sheet!

Semi Final – Ruislip Rangers B – Won 1-0 Scorer Charles
I knew this game was going to be a tighter affair as it was the semi final. I was right as Ruislip B were pressing us more with some great passing and movement of their players. We held firm with some great defensive tackles coming in from Archie and Milan. All I could hear from the other side of the pitch was “don’t let it bounce” (Adam’s instructions to the boys to be first to the ball). And it worked with with Kian first with his head to every ball in the air! We then started making mistakes and Alex in what must of been his first touch of the ball picked up a back pass. Ruislip B had a free kick from close range. Kian flew out to block it and the ball went over the bar. Phew! We now started to press with Aakash, Charles and Kian all going close. We then got a free kick way out on the touchline. Adam called all bar one forward and for Charles to cross one over into the box. And this is exactly what Charles did but for it only to go over everyone’s head and in off the far post. High fives all round! Have I mentioned yet about a clean sheet!

Final – Ruislip Rangers A – Won 1-0 Scorer Archie
Now for the final! Having watched all the games I think the best two teams deserved to be in the final. Having said that Ruislip A did squeeze through their semi final on a sudden death penalty shoot out! The first couple of minutes saw a fast and furious pace to the game. Archie was up front supported by Charles and Aakash. Alex in goal with Milan, Kian and Akshay in defence. We started to boss the game with some great runs from Charles and Aakash on the wings and Akshay through the middle. Several times we went close but their goalkeeper played a blinder. On one attack we got caught and Ruislip steamed forward. Alex was off his line and the Ruislip winger hit the ball over his head luckily only to hit the top of the bar. Double phew! This was the last Alex would see of the ball as Milan, Kian and Akshay kept Ruislip at bay while the others kept busy peppering the Ruislip goal! With only a couple of minutes to go we got a free kick awarded in near enough the same spot Charles scored from in the semi final. And again Adam’s instructions were clear, ” Charles you take it, deliver it into the box for one of our boys to head one home”! This time Charles got it right, right into the centre, where Archie launched himself and headed the ball into the roof of the net! What a great goal! Westwood Park Mums, Dads, brothers, sisters and coaches lost it and went ballistic (only for a few seconds mind you)! Adam, brought Sachin on for the last minute or two just so he could get a run out in the final.


Adam and I were so proud of our Westwood Park troopers. They played for each other, supported each other and played as a team. This is why we won our first tournament.

Thanks boys you made your Coaches Parents and Club very proud of you!

Well done.

Paul & Adam

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