U10 Yellow division; v Sarratt & Prestwood

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U10’s Yellow Division – Westwood Park v Sarratt & Prestwood, Sunday 21 October 2012

Special Report from our roving reporter MELANIE KING

Both teams that we played today were single teams that have buddied together. They are clearly both strong teams and proved a good test for our boys.
Conditions were good with the expected rain holding off. Warm ups went well with the boys being really focussed on what was ahead of them. What followed
was two excellent well fought matches.

Squad; Aaron, Alex Jennings, Alex Walker, Kaushal, Robert Orr, Sam, Charlie, Wil and Matthew.

Game 1 – Westwood Park 4 – 2 Saratt

Westwood Park looked focused and ready for their game against Sarratt. Good team work in the early stages with some good passes from Sam and Matthew. Great
defence work by Alex W,and Alex J with Charlie showing how solid he is in defence too.

Alex J has a good firm shot from half way line which the Sarratt keeper tips over the bar. This near goal gives Westwood Park a buzz and they continue to
work hard as Sarratt put pressure on the boys. Some excellent goal keeping from Kaushal and a quick long throw to Sam who drives the ball down the wing. Yet
again , Wil and Matthew are in good positions to receive Sams cross. And Wil gets a deserved goal. Sarratt respond and a great save from Kershal denies the opposition an equalizer
as the whistle blows for half time.

Second half starts again with some excellent passes from Wil, Sam and Aaron. Sam delivers a good corner straight on to Wil’s head which rebounds to Alex W
who has a good shot and scores Westwoods 2nd goal. Again some fantastic runs by Sam along the wing with solid defending by Charlie.
Aaron takes a corner and passes to Will but no one is in box to secure another goal. Sarratts goal keeper kicks the ball out but this is stopped by Wil who is
waiting around the area. He turns and makes a good strike and Westwood are 3 nil up. An own goal from Westwood ( yes…even Rooney does it ) and it looks like the
game may be turning as Sarratt then score another goal. But the boys never give up and good passing again from Aaron , Alex W, and Sam set up a shot for Wil
who scores his hat trick.

Game 2 – Westwood Park 0 – 2 Prestwood

Even from the opening minutes, it seemed a much faster pace game. Sam has a good start with a shot at goal which just skims over the bar. Prestwood attack and
Kaushal stretches and makes a good save. Alex W proves reliable in defence and makes a strong kick out to centre half. Good midfield play from Alex J and then
Charlie passes the ball to Sam who makes a run, has a strike at goal but hits the cross bar. Matthew, in a good position yet again, receives a rebound but
is denied a goal as the keeper makes a great save. Solid defending from Robert and Charlie although a deflected shot gives Prestwood the lead.

Westwood have a swap of goal keeper. Prestwood come out strong and put Westwood to the test again. Robert continues to be strong in defence with Charlie and
Alex J. It seems a game of defence as Prestwood continues to put the pressure on and then Alex W makes a great save. A strong kick out and passes from Charlie,
Robert and Alex J find Wil who has a shot at goal but this is saved again by the keeper. The ball is returned to the other end of the pitch and Prestwood
find a way pass our mid field and defence to score their 2nd goal. The coaches knew this was going to be a tough game and were pleased with the effort and
performance of all the players.

Overall, two excellent performances. The boys held their formations really well and scored lots of goals, from well-crafted moves. Lots of happy faces at the
end. Special thanks to Mel King for writing this report (you’ve got the job Mel!).

Nick, Wayne & Martin

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