Yellow division v Sarratt & Prestwood; Sunday 10th February 2013

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Squad; Kaushal, Alex Jennings, Sam, Charlie, Elijah, Alex Walker, Gabriel & Matthew

After a good warm up and a quick team talk we organised our team for the first match v Prestwood

Kaushal in goal; Gabriel right back Alex W centre Elijah left back; Sam and Alex J midfield and Matthew upfront with Charlie as Sub

We kicked off with Sam running down the right wing with Alex J. in support and getting a good cross in but nobody could get a touch on the ball. After the throw in, the opposition made good progress down the left wing now to put Alex Walker and Elijah under pressure but they did well and managed to get the ball back. Alex J had a good hard run on the left wing but he took on just one too many players and lost the ball to some good defending. The play was straight back in our half with a high shot on goal but Kaushal stood tall and with both hands managed to put it over the top for a corner. The opposition had a really strong player that could whip the ball in from corners, but our defence was solid (although too many of our players still turn their back to the ball). Gabriel and Alex W did a great job to clear many loose balls to clear the considerable pressure we were under, while with some good manoeuvring out to the midfielders we were able to get a few breaks down the wings.

Second half Charlie came on for Elijah in defence. The team seemed tired and were not focussing on the game and were soon dealt a blow with a goal against them. The runs were good but the passing wasn’t really there. A few occasions Mathew did really well with good control on the ball and made a few good runs with Alex J always in support and did well to keep the play up front but Prestwood were too strong in this game and came back with another goal. The boys did well but we generally we need a better first touch, allowing better passing and more early releasing of the ball to succeed at this level.

Second game: v Sarratt

Team Kaushal Goalie; Elijah left back Gabriel right back Alex Walker centre back; Sam and Alex J midfield; Charlie striker and Matthew sub.

We changed pitch and after a good team talk from Nick the second game got off to a much better start. With the back three holding their positions properly it gave a solid ground for the midfielders to push up with confidence. Kaushal made a couple of early saves and with a long throw out got the ball to Gabriel who set Sam free on the right wing with a nice little pass. He ran half the length of the pitch with Alex J running in sync all the way; Alex got into a great position in front of goal unmarked to receive the pass and score our first goal. The centre kick was taken quickly and pushed up the right wing, a strong, high pass was made into our area but Elijah was there in defence to clear with an amazing brave header. The ball was out for a throw and once taken Elijah was there again tackling hard helped by Alex W. Alex took control and did a lovely dribble forcing the game back in their half for Charlie and Alex J to receive the ball only for it to be forced out by some good defending from the opposition. The goal kick was passed to a defender who hesitated and Sam spotting this got in front of the defender, won the ball and scored our second goal. A great first half. 2-0.

Second half: we got off to a great start again with Sam taking some long goal kicks up to Matthew and Kaushal. A slight change of team with Elijah in goal Kaushal up front and Charlie in a more comfortable role in defence. Gabriel had lots of work to do on the right and Alex W really put the effort in and did a great job tackling hard. But the pressure was really on and the ball just would not leave the area. After an eternity of half clearances and with so many players in the area the opposition scored their first goal.

All the play now seemed to be going against us down the right and we started playing really deep with Alex J in an almost defensive role. Sam took the goal kicks to get the ball upfront but it kept coming back down the right. Alex J showed some lovely skills right on the line playing the ball with a little back heel and a fast turn running towards goal for a nice little pass to Matthew and Kaushal in centre; Matthew shot just wide. Sarratt came back at us and we were soon on the defence again with Charlie and Alex W under pressure. They played well and Charlie this time made a good clearance. The ball kept coming back at us and we were playing really deep again. Elijah made a couple of stops but finally Sarratt scored with the last kick of the game for a 2-2 draw.

The boys really enjoyed this game and they did well to listen to their coaches from the side line.

Nick / Martin / Ian (ref)

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