Codes of Conduct

Please Note: All managers, coaches, players, parents & supporters should read and are bound by this Code of Conduct, whilst managing. coaching, or supporting Westwood Park FC

Serious breaches may mean action being taken against you that could jeopardise your status within Westwood Park FC. Thank you for your co-operation.


  • Attempt to set a positive example all others to follow.
  • Promote & develop the team having regard for the best interests of the players & supporters – and the reputation of team/club & the national game.
  • Share your knowledge & experience when invited to do so.
  • Avoid all forms of gamesmanship.
  • Not use or tolerate inappropriate/inflammatory language, gestures or sarcasm.
  • Make every effort to develop the sporting, technical & tactical levels of the team, and to obtain the best possible results using all permitted means.
  • Give priority to the interests of the team over individual interests.
  • Resist all illegal or unsporting influences.
  • Promote ethical & non-racist, non-sexist principles.
  • Show due respect to the players, coaches & supporters of all teams.
  • Show due respect and accept the decisions of the match officials without undue protest.
  • Avoid words or actions that may mislead a match official.
  • Never bring Westwood Park FC into disrepute.


  • Show due respect to managers, coaches, supporters players & match officials at all times.
  • Make every effort to be punctual & correctly equipped/dressed for training & matches.
  • Make every effort to be attentive & develop abilities in terms of skill, technique, tactics & stamina.
  • Set a positive example & strive for your best possible performance – both in training & matches.
  • Avoid all forms of gamesmanship, including time-wasting  & feigning injury.
  • Never criticise the mistakes of your fellow players.
  • Never use inappropriate language or gestures.
  • Make every effort to be consistent with Fair Play & the Laws of the Game.
  • Know & abide by the Laws, roles & spirit of the game, and/or the competition rules.
  • Success & failure, victory & defeat in an appropriate & sporting way.
  • Never bring Westwood Park FC into disrepute.


  • Accept the jurisdiction of the manager, coaches & helpers during matches, training & socials.
  • Show due respect to managers, players, coaches, players & match officials at all times.
  • Encourage & applaud effort, performance & good sporting behaviour – more than the result.
  • Maintain & give clear examples of appropriate standards of behaviour at all times.
  • Look for aspects to applaud & praise less-talented or ‘struggling’ players – or players who might otherwise be overlooked.
  • Judge players by their efforts & skills and not by their failures or deficits.
  • Always remember that children do not mean to make mistakes.


  • Abuse or argue with managers, coaches, players or match officials.
  • Abuse, comment negatively or chastise a player for a mistake on the field of play.
  • Attempt to ‘coach’ or ‘manipulate’ players while they are playing.
  • Offer ‘tactical advice’ to a player that may contradict the manager’s game plan.
  • Use inappropriate language, gestures, sarcasm, racism, sexism or become violent.
  • Attempt to ‘referee’ a game by appealing for free kicks, off-sides etc.
  • Bring Westwood Park FC into disrepute.


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